Tailor made solutions

We design, build, and deliver aluminium solutions to the aquaculture industry, offshore & maritime, the military and construction & industry.

Our designers create a 3D model of the project. We prefabricate in suitable modules so that the installation goes quickly, safely and with the least possible downtime. RA Norway is one of the few suppliers that has total expertise for the design, production, and installation of aluminium products.

The unique aquaculture network

We specialise in the design and construction of fish farm access facilities.

RA Norway joined the Stiim Aqua Cluster to gain a broader network in aquaculture and learn more about the industry. We look forward to exciting meetings and new relations.

Aluminium is light, stable, durable, does not corrode and is ideal for the aquaculture industry.

RA Aluinvent 100% recyclable

Triple Panel Buildings had the opening and launch of their first house built of garbage, plastic, and recycled aluminium on 1 June.

RA Norway’s facade products, RA Aluinvent, was provided by us to contribute to increased knowledge about the use of recyclable aluminium and materials.

The house is given to the WWF World Natural Fund and this year’s TV campaign at NRK against plastic in the sea.

RA Aluinvent can be painted in any colour to suit the customer’s needs and is 100 % recyclable. An excellent choice for buildings designed to have a minimal environmental impact. RA Aluinvent is manufactured from recycled raw material with a certificate of origin.

At the forefront of Aviation GSE products

We provide Maintenance Docking Systems and Ground Support Equipment for rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircrafts worldwide.

RA Norway has been designing both tailor-made solutions and standard products for over 30 years. Our products are used by military and civil aircraft operators around the world. 

We have designed a wide range of Ground Support Equipment for rotary-wing and fixed-wing.

RA Norway has a long history of product development. Our expertise and experience makes us the advisor of choice for our clients.

We are the aluminium tailor

RA Aluinvent

RA Norway launches new product in the Nordic countries.

RA Aluinvent creates creative homes and meeting places with a unique expression which creates a modern and contemporary design.

The double-sided open panel makes it possible to build shadow solutions that do not block air while providing extra light effects.

RA Aluinvent can be painted in all colors according to the customer’s needs and is 100% recyclable.

Information regarding corona virus

Our sales people and workshop operators encounter thousands of people every year, and we must therefore show consideration for both our employees and customers.

We maintain production, this is assessed on an ongoing basis in accordance with guidelines from FHI. Many in the administration work from home to make sure as few people as possible meet in the office.

For inquiries, please reach out to your contact person by phone or e-mail or on tel. 51 81 97 50 or post@ra-norway.com.

Take care of each other, we look forward to many customer meetings and inspiring gatherings when we are back to normal.

Product launch

Successful gathering when we presented our new facade products to architects from Arkipartner AS, AFRY, TRODAHL ARKITEKTER, Stav Arkitekter AS, Aros arkitekter, Arkitektværelset AS og SV Betong.

The evening consisted of presentation of RA Aluinvent and a tour of the workshop.

We received useful feedback and good discussions and we look forward to seeing these new facade products on buildings all over Scandinavia in the time ahead.

New distributor for RA Norway

We welcome Pallegrossisten AS as a distributor of our logistics products in Vestland county.

Pallegrossisten AS focuses on flexibility, quality, precision, service and satisfied customers. RA Norway looks forward to cooperate with them.

We offer a broad range of aluminium and plastic cases. RA Box is a solid, lightweight aluminium box available in several sizes. NANUK is shockproof waterproof suitcases and boxes with lifetime warranty. We also produce customised boxes developed to exact specifications depending on customer requirements.

RA Aluinvent

Check out RA Aluinvent! This product can be used for interior and exterior facades or on existing walls. We are excited to launch this new product and we look forward to use RA Aluinvent in exciting new projects.

The panels are fastened with screws. Thanks to the special surface of the panels, this fastening method is virtually invisible. With this solution, not only recycling but also reuse of facade elements is possible.

This is an aluminium foam facade system that can be an excellent, complex solution, even for buildings designed to have a minimal environmental impact

Feel free to visit our office in Fabrikkveien 11 where we have set up a demo wall.

Contact Henning Norland henning@ra-norway.com or Sebastian Pantke sebastian@ra-norway.com for more information.

Welcome to Henning

We would like to welcome Henning Norland to RA Norway as Technical Sales Engineer.

He has a background as a car mechanic, but has worked in sales and marketing in various industries since 1992.

For the past 10 years he has worked mainly in industrial furnishings and various storage solutions for industrial onshore and offshore.

Henning comes from the position of District Manager at EAB Lagerteknikk Norge.

Org. number: 982 022 630 

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Visit us

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Tel: +47 51 81 97 50

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